Friday, July 17, 2009

Hooray for comments! We love to hear from you. And just to clear up the question, yes, Bill DID ride the dune buggy! You have to ask him about it when we get back!

Penny has been working really hard on the sanctuary wall for the last few days, trying deperately to have it fnished by Sunday church. It isn´t totally finished, but it does look fantastic! The kids have been taking photos in front of the wall and Pastor Pedro put some on his phone.

Pastor Emmanoel, who is the pastor of Central Methodist Church, the big "mother" church here in Fortaleza as well as being the District Superintendent, came to see us yesterday and spent some time with us. He and his family were in a very bad car accident a few days ago, and he spoke about feeling God´s presence strongly. We prayed in gratitude for the way that God protected he and his family in such an accident. Now, they are just dealing with trying to do something about the car, which was totaled. Getting another car here for a pastor (or D.S) is a very difficult task.

Another group of Shade and Fresh Water kids came yesterday, and we got to play and sing with them for awhile. It was hilarious actually. We played one game where you walk around the circle in a line and stop in front of a person. That person has to crawl in the floor under the legs of everyone else in line. The hilarious part was that we adults were crawling on the floor through the legs of children so tiny, they had to sometimes be picked up. Everyone laughed.

We have begun filming the video to bring back to the church, interviewing the children and adults and asking about what gives them hope and joy. Their answers are truly powerful, and we hope everyone will have a chance to see this when we arrive home. Some of the folks are a little bashful, but for the most part, the kids love being on camera, and we got some great shots of the teenagers dancing and cutting up.

Our time is getting short and the leaving sadness is already beginning. Please keep us in your prayers!


Don/Barbara said...

Thankful for your safe arrival.
We have read your comments about your days in Fortaleza and enjoyed your pictures; sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time! Hard to believe that it's almost time to pack up and head home!
We are eagerly awaiting your return and a chance to hear all about your trip! GOD BLESS!

Anonymous said...

The new video projectors are installed and usable, so we can show the video, we will need some more work on the screens!