Wednesday, July 15, 2009


As you are reading our blog, please make a comment! Everytime we are able to check, we look to see if we have nay message from you so that we can share with the group. We would love your words of love and encouragement! Just click on the word "comment" and write a short note!


sarah said...

Hey Brazil Mission Team!!! Hope you are having a great time. I was wondering if Granddaddy (Bill) took a ride on the dune buggies? Can't wait until you get home to share all the stories and great pictures that I'm sure you have.

Sarah and family

Amy J said...

Hi, Everyone! My heart is very much in Brazil this week! I miss all of you and wish I was there. Tell Mario that I thought of him tonight when some friends and I practiced an arrangement of "Amazing Grace." His eagerness to learn that song last summer was so wonderful! Please also tell all of the kids "hello" for me and pass on my love to Pastor Pedro, Francie, Cher, "The Wandas," etc. I can't wait to see you guys and hear your stories when you get home! Continue to work hard and play hard as we at home pray hard for your safe return. Love, Amy

Dawn said...

Hi Guys,
Hope everyone is well and keeping busy. We miss seeing you and can't wait to hear about your adventures.

Stay safe!
Keeping you all in my prayers.
Dawn Legg

Ron Hartlaub said...

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. I'm looking forward to seeing many pictures when you get back (and hopefully a few more on the blog in the coming days). We are praying for your same return next week.

Ron Hartlaub

The Johnsons said...

LOVE reading your stories and seeing the pictures. I've seen 2 signs at veterinarian offices this week reminding us to be sure our pets have plenty of "shade and fresh water." They remind me of how much we take for granted and what wonderful work you are doing for the children of Brazil in the Shade & Fresh Water project!

Love and prayers to all,

Becky & Ronnie

Lynn & Mike said...

Hello Brazilian team. B updated us about you all in church this morning. Hope all of you have had a good time and know you will be sad to leave. Kristy, have you been working hard and guess you know how to sift sand by now??? Hope you all have a safe flight home. See you on Tuesday. Love, Mom, Dad and family