Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shade and Fresh Water

While we are in Brazil, we will be working with a ministry of the Brazilian Methodist Church called "Shade and Fresh Water." This isn't actually about shade and water, it is about providing a safe and secure place for children. The presence of "street children" is a harsh reality in Brazil, where most people are either very rich or very poor. The Methodist church is reaching out to children and working to provide a safe place for kids to learn and grow away from the violence, gangs, and trouble that is generally found on the street.

At Calvary, our VBS challenge money is going to the Shade and Fresh Water project. Thanks to all the children, youth, and adults who are giving generously!!! Stay tuned to find out who wins, boys or girls, and how much is raised!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brazil Team Members!

Thanks for checking out our Brazil mission team blog!

Team members include:

Barbara Allen, Coty Allen,
Jimmy Allen, Helen Bradford,
Rachel Fitzgerald, Penny Hartlaub,
Kristin Holbrook, Amy Johnson,
April Pegg-Joplin, Glee Smith, and Lisa Tyree

We leave on August 2nd. Please pray for us!